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Needing a new loving home for some nice Vintage Electronics.

The three photos below are of Nancy Jones beautiful Curtis Mathes Stereo, she needs to find a new home for this beautiful stereo, she lives in Henderson, Nevada.

If you would like to buy this please contact her at her Email below:

*ENTERTAINMENT CENTER*OAK*Built in Speak, Radio, 78 Turntable & reel

Approximate measurements: H 55” x W 87” x D 23”

· 9 Pictures attached

· Installation instructions for 70 M series tape unit

Email : 

The four photos below are of Renee Fournier’s beautiful Curtis Mathes Royal Dane Stereo, this stereo is like a work of art, a piece of our nation’s history. Renee would like to find a loving home for her console, if you are interested in buying this handmade in Texas beauty Please contact Renee at the email below. This Royal Dane was made in the year1961.

Renee Fournier

The Royal Dane, High Fidelity Combination AM/FM Radio, stereo with optional television.

World’s finest High Fidelity Home Music Center. the outstanding combination of the most beautiful Danish Modern Cabinet of Genuine Oiled Walnut and the ultimate in High Fidelity Stereophonic sound has made this fine instrument the most popular unit of its quality in America.

Let face it they are not making these beauties in Texas anymore, and this Royal Dane is a Collectors Dream.

A world without Curtis Mathes Stereos is a world without great music and beauty...

The three photos below are of Renee Burkey's beautiful Curtis Mathes Console, she would love to fix this beauty and find this made in Texas beauty a good home. This awesome console belonged to her parents and is a wonderful handmade in real select hardwood Curtis Mathes Stereo with a reel to reel in a slide out drawer, turntable, AM & FM radio, and lots of storage area that needs a little work done to make her like new. They live in Streetsboro, Ohio - Portage County. She also has two other stereos in hardwood cabinets that all need repaired as well as this beauty.

This beautiful Curtis Mathes console is in need of a few repairs and Renee Burkey would love to find this beauty a loving home.

If you would like to buy this wonderful console or know anyone in Ohio near Streetsboro that still does repair work on turntables and reel to reels please contact her at the email link below.

Renee Burkey

Here in the three photos below is Barbara Townsend Super Audio 72, we need to help find a new owner for Barbara's wonderful Console. This console is in Washington State and the State of Washington once had a huge Curtis Mathes warehouse in Olympia and this CM warehouse was the main shipping center for the companies North West showrooms back in the 1960's.

This is a Super Audio 72, with reel to reel. it is model 5527MX, 1961. It has a record player, speakers, radio and reel to reel tape player all in the solid wood cabinet. Dimension are: W 73"; H 25" and 17" depth.

You can contact Amy or Barbara at:

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