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The Curtis Mathes Royal Dane 1961, Stereophonic, High-Fidelity Music Center.

The making of a true beauty, the Curtis Mathes Royal Dane 1961, Stereophonic, High-Fidelity Music Center.

The photo below is of Della's wonderful Royal Dane, she is in need of a new power supply; this unit has been a source of pride and enjoyment for half a century.

The three photos below are of Bobby Galebi's beautiful Curtis Mathes RoyalDane.

A 1961 Royal Dane made by Curtis Mathes in mint condition, no scratches or chips in prefect working condition would be worth about $1,600.00 to a collector, she will be worth more in the near future.

This beauty alos has the original brochure and a Diamond needle!

These consoles were built with a great deal of love and workmanship.

The Photo below is Roy Ansell's beautiful Royal Dane Stereo with matching book case.

The Royal Dane, High Fidelity Combination AM/FM Radio, stereo with optional television. World’s finest High Fidelity Home Music Center—the outstanding combination of the most beautiful Danish Modern Cabinet of Genuine Oiled Walnut and the ultimate in High Fidelity Stereophonic sound has made this fine instrument the most popular unit of its quality in America.

Features High Fidelity AM Radio, Full Fidelity FM Radio, Stereophonic AM/FM Radio Simulcast, 30 (E.I A.) watt dual channel amplifier, High Fidelity Television Sound, six matched High Fidelity Speakers with crossover network, 2-12” woofers, 2-8” mid rage speakers, 2-5” tweeters, Custom Four Speed Stereophonic Record Changer, and diamond stylus.

Another vintage 1961 Curtis Mathes Royal Dane Hifi beauty - This is a classic piece of top notch hifi history. The 1961 Curtis Mathes Royal Dane was considered the "world's finest" stereo of it's time. This piece is a timeless classic with ...amazing Danish design. The cabinet itself is in near mint condition. This model has a hi-fidelity AM-FM Radio and turntable It has ample storage behind the two doors and all the knobs, tuners, turntable etc. are tucked away into a drawer, keeping the design clean and streamline. You can mount a TV above this beauty, hook up your iPod and have the ultimate vintage modern entertainment media center ever made. Any where you place it, it's bound to impress. It's a very functional piece and would make a great addition to today's MCM, Madmen inspired home. Measures 73" long x 31.5" tall x 18" deep.

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