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Curtis Mathes made a line of wonderful Radios back in the 1960's many are working today as well as the day they were made in Texas.

The radio in the photo below is one of the masterpieces made by Curtis Mathes back in in 1960, with her original legs still attached.

The photo below is of Grantley Waters with his 1960 Curtis Mathes Radio, Model 2918 the Victoria.

Curtis Mathes Radios all had hand wired chassis, and hand made in Texas speakers.

The video below is of Grantley Waters and his restored Curtis Mathes Radio the Victoria model 2918. The world's finest high fidelity AM/FM Radio. Fabulous sound in a beautiful modern cabinet of genuine Walnut.

As you can see in the photo below, She was very well made, Features high fidelity AM Radio, Full Fidelity FM Radio, Super 18A Hand wired transformer powered chassis with 8 tubes, two diodes and rectifier tube, three matched High Fidelity Speakers with crossover network, 12" woofer, 8" mid range speaker, 5" tweeter, 5 (E.I.A) watts of high fidelity power 50 to 15,000 cps. frequency response.

This is another photo of the Victoria, with Slide rule tuning, separate base and treble control, provisions for external speakers and phono connections.

The four photos below is of a 1960s CURTIS MATHES AM HiFi RADIO - Model 3719A

Wooden Case - Excellent Condition. This is a beautiful early 1960s Curtis Mathes AM high fidelity radio is in excellent condition with no stains, chips, cracks, scratches, or holes. There is some scotch tape glue residue on the top.

The knobs are in great condition but need to be cleaned. The on/off volume, tone, and tuning knobs work properly and the needle moves when the tuning knob is turned.

 The radio plays great at different frequencies. The AC cord and plug are in very nice condition with no cracks. It measures Height= 10 1/4" Deep= 4 1/2" Long= 14"

The photo below is of a Curtis Mathes Radio Model 2918 The Victoria, she was an awesome sound machine back in 1961 she was the Queen of Radios.

Super Clean Fantastic working Curtis Mathes A.M. F.M. tube radio from 1961 Radio is in excellent condition inside & out. Works Great Picks up stations both bands with super selectivity. Radio pulls in stations from all over.

Sound is Awesome from the 6EU7 6BQ5 output amplifier. This radio has three speakers 8'' Bass 6'' Mid 4'' Tweeter. They produce pin drop hi notes plus deep bass. Controls include Treble, Bass, Volume On Off Band select Am, FM. FM. A.F.C. plus Phono in If you want another input source.

Walnut case is in great shape No Issues!! No chips This Curtis Mathes also has a lighted dial. This is a heavy well-built Hi End radio. Measures 12'' tall 22'' wide & 8'' deep I removed the back for photos also has built in antennas.

All in all a very hard to find radio as close to mint as you will ever find.

The speakers in these Curtis Mathes Radios were wonderful, made to last a life-time and more.

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