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Curtis Mathes in the early years made many beautiful designed smaller stereo for apartment dwellers, and folks that wanted great sound but had little space. This section has some examples below.

A CM Stereo prototype that survived the great Austin Texas factory fire...

Here we have Paul Cortese newly purchased CM Stereo Console it has 2512C as the model, this is one your will not find online. Paul sent us some nice pics to share.

It has a Collaro Conquest turntable a very early 60s model.

It has the superb workmanship in the wood like all the early models of this era from Curtis Mathes.

This stereo is one of the Holy Grail for a Curtis Mathes Collector, looks like one of the famous missing prototypes that survived the great Austin Texas factory fire that destroyed most of the 1960 line of production.

You will not find this online, only a hand full every made it out of the factory. A few of these models got to the Showroom floors before the Austin fire ... and the were make with a great chassis, as you can see ...

The photos below are of the Pandora Model Curtis Mathes Stereo. This was also an expertly made in Texas stereo, and is a pocket Battleship of awesome sound.

A beautiful modern design CURTIS MATHES stereo console.

This is an all wood cabinet, with a hand wired chassis and this Curtis Mathes stereo has an EL84 stereo tube amp.

Built for one thing and one thing only, to play music the way it should sound.

With hand made in in Texas speakers, that can produce sound like a concert in the park.

With a custom built for Curtis Mathes Turntable, and the sound only a diamond can make.  

The hand wired, all tube, deluxe FM / AM High Fidelity system of the Stereophonic Music Center was the best ever made, and is still playing today as great as it did back in 1962.

After the tragic fire at the Austin Texas plant Curtis Mathes wisely turned to using the made in England Collaro Conquest turntables in many of its 1962 models. 

They really do have a rich sound just like the earlier made in Texas Curtis Mathes turntable from the Austin Texas plant.

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