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Beautiful Curtis Mathes Designed Console Models, and Cutting Edge

Curtis Mathes Computers

This is a very rare Curtis Mathes branded computer. It was manufactured by Arima back in the day when America was the computer leader; and was sold at American Microtech in Dallas under the licensed branding of Curtis Mathes.

This computer has state of the art space age components with Texas space age design. A really awesome piece of Texas history and know-how. The best part is it was all made in Texas by folks who took great pride in their workmanship and skill.

It is a 386SX/20 with 2M ram. It works fully. I'd have to say that very few of these still exist. The design and workmanship in the computer is remarkable.

The wonderful designers at Curtis Mathes produced some of the most remarkable electronics in the golden age of vintage electronics.  

The photo below is of my Curtis Mathes Model 40M6523 made on September 18, 1961. She works as good as the day she was made.

The three photos below are of the very nice Curtis Mathes that I found at a thrift store. Curtis Mathes Model 40M653 with a nice maple finish and a very good set of hand made in Texas speakers for the deluxe FM and radio and turntable, she is even set up to broadcast TV stations through her speakers. She was made September 18, 1961 in Texas.

Photo below is Karah looking at the very nice radio and turntable in the Curtis Mathes

Model # 40M653.

Below is the very sweet Curtis Mathes Stereo Console Model 40M653

It is very amazing the number of Curtis Mathes products being found in homes,

the products out lived their owners.

Timeless Curtis Mathes beauties from every era.

The four photos below are of a lovely Curtis Mathes Console made in 1961 Called the Williamsburg. The Turntable has a multi-platter spindle, four speeds, 16, 33, 45, and 78-rpm, with a diamond stylus. The dimensions are 58" inches long, 19" inches deep and 29" inches high. The lovely console includes an AM/FM stereo receiver. The turntable is enclosed on top. The analog black and white television like the other equipment still works very nicely, she is all original equipment.

Curtis Mathes Stereo Model 4329 with a Maple finish.

Curtis Mathes solid maple console stereo from the early 1960's, completely made in the US of A by Americans that cared about workmanship and quality. Sounds qualtiy is amazing. Tube amps really bring records to life. This beautiful Lady has never had the volume knob pushed past 5 or 6 due to the neighbors.

Beautiful Westinghouse Stereo Cabinet built by Curtis Mathes

This is Marilyn Martin's awesome Westinghouse Stereo with a cabinet built and designed by Curtis Mathes.

What wonderful sounding music you can hear on a made

in the USA Curtis Mathes console stereo.

Curtis Mathes Designs made in the USA.

Made in the USA    Manufacturer/Brand:  Curtis Mathes Company Designs.

Year: 1959               Type: Television Receiver (TV)

Valves / Tubes         20:

Principle                  Superhet with RF-stage

Wave bands             Wave Bands given in the notes.

Power type and

voltage                     Alternating Current supply (AC) / 110 - 120 Volt

Loudspeaker           Permanent Magnet Dynamic (PDyn) Loudspeaker (moving coil) / Ø

                                 6 inch = 15.2 cm

From: Curtis

Mathes                    Model: 7323

Material                  Wooden case

Shape                      Console, Lowboy (legs < 50 %).

Notes                       Picture tube: 23CP4

                                Tuning Range: TV - Channels 2 thru 13.


United States of



Curtis Mathes Co.; Dallas (TX)

Year: 1963

Type: Radio - or past WW2 tuner

Valves / Tubes


Principle                   Super-Heterodyne (Super in general); IF-Freq 455/10700 kHz

Wave bands              Broadcast (BC) and FM.

Power type and

voltage                      Alternating Current supply (AC) / 110-120 Volt

Loudspeaker            - For headphones or amp

from Curtis

Mathes                      Model: AM/FM Chassis 28A2

Material                   Metal case

                                  Chassis only or for «building in»

Shape                        AM/FM receiver.

More beauties from the 1960's

The photo below is from modernman! These are very nice consoles.

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